Lieutenant Pigeon
(Genuine Potential)


Lieutenant Pigeon was an offshoot band of the already established Stavely Makepeace and was never ever intended to be anything other than that. However, the first single, "Mouldy Old Dough", recorded in 1971 and released by Decca on February 18th 1972, eventually topped the British charts for four weeks and won the Ivor Novello award for the biggest selling British hit single of 1972 for Rob Woodward and Nigel Fletcher who penned the song. Also the idea Nige had of including Rob's mother Hilda in the line up proved a master stroke for the publicity it gained. The fourth member of the group was bassist Steve Johnson who was also in Stavely Makepeace..

Success came suddenly and they were in great demand for TV shows throughout Europe so they continued to make records throughout the 1970s. Put quite simply by Decca executive Frank Rodgers, Lieutenant Pigeon 'filled a hole in the market'. The novelty of having Hilda in the line up meant that they were always in great demand but by the late 70s the toll was beginning to tell on Rob's mother who was then approaching the age of 70 so an appearance in Luxembourg in late 1978 proved to be the very last time they would play together as a unit.

The line up for Lt Pigeon never changed but in the 1990s Steve took the band back on the road, albeit with three other new members.

Over the years many people have asked what the title "Mouldy Old Dough" was all about. Rob, who thought up the phrase said it was just something that came to him one day. However, since then many people have told the band that it was an old Irish saying. In fact, whilst doing a publicity shoot with the racehorse "Mould Old Dough" at its Hampshire stables in 1977, they were told that the horse had had that name three years before the song was written!.

Lieutenant Pigeon is an anagram of "Genuine Potential"!!

Rob Woodward and Nigel Fletcher continue producing Lt Pigeon tracks to this day. Sadly both Steve J and Hilda are no longer with us.