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October 2001 issue
Yes I know it's been a long time since I updated the Lt Pigeon web site but better late than never!  

With Steve Johnson now living and working in his successful recording studio in the North West, and Hilda sadly no longer with us, all attention falls on Rob and Nigel. They have just completed the world's first ever 35 minute single! It is called OPUS 400 and it will be available very soon. (Watch this space)
The idea has been brewing for nearly 30 years and has its roots in the 'B' side of Desperate Dan, which  those diehards who have weathered all the storms since the birth of 'Pigeon', will know was called OPUS 300.
Despite Rob and Nigel stating some time ago that they had no further interest in producing records, sufficient interest has been generated by both this site and the autobiography, to warrant their return to the studio and to create this marathon piece of bizarre music. Already it has had an airing on the radio. On August 17th Nigel was the studio guest on the BBC Midland Friday night programme "Record Collector". By sending a blank cheque --sorry cassette-- to 36 Kingsway, COVENTRY CV2 4FE, you will receive a transcript of the interview free of charge.Please include a stamped and addressed envelope however! Many thanks to Alan Bayly who arranged it all by the way.
Those of you who have bought the book (When Show Business Is No Business) will probably have already learned of the sad death of TV producer Muriel Young's untimely death. This year has also seen the deaths of two others featured in the book, namely Shirley Jephcott and Andrea Savory. Rob and Nigel would like to express their sincere sadness at these tragic losses.
More new about the new single in my next newsletter. The two Lt Pigeon retro CD's are still available on  That's all for now folks!
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December 2001 issue
Sales of the brand new Lieutenant Pigeon CD "Opus 400" have started off with a bang! The single, which is 35 minutes long and full of weird and wonderful music, seems to have caused quite a stir. 

So far only ONE person has come up with what the record is all about. It is an enigma. A mystery record. It represents something and the clues are all there. In fact the boys have even put a one word clue on the sleeve to help. A little lateral thought will help those who like solving puzzles!

The Lieutenant Pigeon autobiography has now been available for almost a year. The title is "When Show Business Is No Business" and it is published by Ranwell Press. It can also now be obtained through and by typing in Nigel Fletcher on Amazon's search page, details will come up immediately. At 4.99 it is a steal!
Dear Don Ker, original lead guitarist with Stavely Makepeace, became the first group member to hit the magic six-0 on October 3rd. Although he might ask for a chair on stage these days, he's still quite capable of holding his own with the very best. 

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