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Christmas 2021
lt's been a hectic end to 2021 and the fun and games look to continue into next year. September marked the 50th anniversary of the recording of "Mouldy Old Dough". Then in 0ctober we learned about the upcoming Ch5 TV series covering the biggest selling records of the 1970s. (See the winter 2021 newsletter.)

Each Friday from 0ctober 22nd a different year was featured and on Nov 5th the year chosen was 1972. "Mouldy Old Dough" came in as the second biggest seller of the year and the clip they featured was a performance by the band recorded in Holland. Click on this link to see the excerpt.

Now, here's something different. lf you haven't yet bought all your Christmas presents, there's a new book out called, "Top of the Pops 1964-1976, the lost years", compiled researched and written by the enigmatic Peter Checksfield. This book is a work of art. Not only does it list every episode of the programme and categorise all the artistes involved but it also includes many anecdotes from people who appeared on the show during those years. Amongst those stars are our Rob and Nigel!

Lastly, as previously alluded to, on Feb 18th 2022 the boys will be releasing the CD single, "All for one and one for all". This is to mark the 50th anniversary of the actual release of "Mouldy Old Dough" . Lovers of the traditional Lieutenant Pigeon style will adore this track!

Have a very happy Christmas. Bill Boswell.

Winter 2021
The City of Coventry year of Culture celebrations are in full swing and our song, "Back Home in Coventry" has played its part in a big way. It's time now to concentrate on next year's big Lieutenant Pigeon celebration single. This will be "All for one and one for all" which is to be launched on February 18th 2022 -- exactly fifty years to the day since "Mouldy Old Dough" was released.

Talking of "Mouldy Old Dough", tune into Channel 5 on November 5th and you might have a surprise. You will be transported back in time to those heady Glam Rock days, when Lieutenant Pigeon ruled the roost, in a series about 1970s hit records. Click on this link "" and you will see listings of the first two episodes of this musical extravaganza.

Talking of which, this Lt Pigeon track singing the praises of the city of Coventry, has been widely accepted as one of the main tunes to promote the City of Culture 2021 year. If you've yet to hear it it is available as a download via all the major download sites

And, whilst we are on the subject of links, have a peep at this one. "FaceBook Interview" Don Powell, drummer with Slade, and an old pal of Rob and Nigel's, is currently recording a series of Zoom chats with many of the stars stars of yesteryear. Recently he reminisced with 'our Nige'.

Not too long to go 'til Christmas!!
Cheers.  Bill B

Autumn 2021
Firstly let me apologise to you all for the web site being off line for a month. This came suddenly and surprised us all! However, at last we are up and running again and hopefully all will be back to normal now.

As regular visitors to our site will have noticed we have tweaked a few things and updated the group biogs whilst the site was off line. As for other news, thanks to Fab Radio UK's plugging of "Back Home in Coventry" by Lieutenant Pigeon, the single has made it into several 'on line' radio station's chart listings. It's nice to see the song doing so well outside the limits of Coventry!

Talking of which, this Lt Pigeon track singing the praises of the city of Coventry, has been widely accepted as one of the main tunes to promote the City of Culture 2021 year. If you've yet to hear it it is available as a download via all the major download sites

Lastly the boys have been working on the new single to celebrate next year's 50th anniversary of the 1972 No1 hit "Mouldy Old Dough". This will be called, "All For One and One For All", and will feature the same raucous sound as the number one hit all those years ago. Look out for further news of this great track!

All for now.  Bill B

Summer 2021
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our great friend and former Stavely Makepeace member Don Ker. He was 79. He hadn't enjoyed the best of health for some time but when we last spoke to him he was in good spirits and humour and still the Don we all loved and remembered. R.I.P Don, a fine musician and a fine friend!!

On a brighter note, at last the Coventry City of Culture 2021 has arrived. Pete Chambers, the Curator of the Coventry Music museum, has submitted the Lieutenant Pigeon CD, "Back Home in Coventry" to the official committee as a possible contender for the official theme for the year. Fingers crossed they adopt it!

The CD will be released on June 4th and has three other tracks, all based on a very local theme. One of these tracks, "Gosford Street Rag", was recorded by the group nearly 40 years ago! Let's hope that this culture year will highlight many aspects of the plethora of local talent, both musical and otherwise.

More soon! Bill Boswell

Easter 2021
Well, the Easter Newsletter would probably have been packed with items normally but with this pandemic lingering on there’s very little to write about. Rob has taken advantage of the studio being quiet and has given everything a thorough service – something long overdue! Nige has been working on two huge data bases trying to catalogue all the Makepeace Music tracks into a much simpler form.

There’s publicity in the pipeline too. Big MG Radio wish to feature an interview very soon and Colin Surey, who runs the Cozooks of Brixham Blog, has dug deep into the archives whilst researching the “Decca World Of” series of vinyl LPs to discover more about the LP that never was. Namely “The World of Lieutenant Pigeon”. This blog makes a very interesting read. Link to "LP excerpt"

There’s been no more CD releases in 2021 but we’ve experienced a welcome surge of downloads during this current lock down and there are still plans to issue, “Back Home in Coventry”, as a CD on May 1st to coincide with the launch of the “Coventry City of Culture” year. So it’s all fingers crossed that this wretched pandemic will be over by then and we don’t slip into an Italian style “3rd wave”!

The very best Bill B.

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