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Christmas 2018
A very happy Christmas to you all! The new CD single "Tonight" is selling well, in fact some of the orders may not now be delivered before the new year. Sorry about this.

Our very first bass guitarist Pete Fisher has been in touch recently. He's back in the Midlands after many years living nearer the equator, (in Portsmouth actually). We met up with him and even managed to get dear Don Ker out with him for a luncheon appointment too! It was nice to have this reunion with the original nucleus of Stavely Makepeace. I will try to get some pics in the next newsletter.

Also to report is the launch of a new Lieutenant Pigeon Facebook page. This will cover the archive days of the band(s) via a 'scrapbook' feature. Should be fun!

More in the New Year. Cheers Bill.

Autumn 2018
"Where's Brexit?" Great title eh! This is a brand new compilation album and it's on sale right now. Goodness only knows why they chose that title, Rob and Nigel certainly didn't choose this one but it's a great album anyway!

Here's a bit of good news too. There's now a brand new Lieutenant Pigeon Facebook site. It's being run by Rob's wonderful daughter Lauren and will be updated regularly with scrapbook cuttings from the past. Not one to be missed!

On Oct 6th it's the world banger racing finals and Rob and Nigel have been invited to Ipswich to present the trophies. Sadly they'e tied up that weekend but they'd like to extend their best wishes to all the contestants and organisers. No doubt much Lieutenant Pigeon music will be played that day so anyone in the area, don't miss out on what's bound to be a great occasion!

Keep an eye on these pages as the boys have promised me a brand new single CD to be out before Christmas!

Just a short one this time.
Bye for now, Bill Boswell

Summer 2018
Wow, we all wanted a scorcher but no one expected anything like this. 1976 all over again! Anyway, amidst all this weather another deal has been cemented. This time for an old Stavely Makepeace 'B' side, "Don't Ride a Paula Pillion". This track was short listed for the 2004 "Best Of" Stavely Makepeace album but dropped on the advice of Rob and Nige, (who've never really liked the track!) However, it will come out early next year on another compilation album. Watch this space for more details.

Meanwhile the CD compilation of local Coventry artistes sponsored by the Coventry Music Museum has been selling well. We understand the first batch of pressings sold out almost immediately. Whilst talking about items on sale at the Music Museum, our own book by the boys, "When Show Business is No Business" can still be bought for the amazing low price of £5 over the reception counter at said museum. Don't leave it too late though as there will be no reprint. After this batch is sold that will be it!

Lastly, it has come to our attention that a researcher has possibly traced the name "Lieutenant Pigeon" back to the time of Charles II. Apparantly the name referred to a canon. Is this true? Can anyone our there throw any more light on the subject? Did this canon have 'genuine potential' ?? (Sorry)

That's it for now, speak to you again when you've all cooled off!
Bill B.

Whitsun 2018
The boys have done a new deal with Ace Records for one of their tracks to be included on Ace's Autumn 2018 CD release. The album will be called "Three Day Week" and the Lieutenant Pigeon song featured will be the 1973 follow up to "Desperate Dan", "...And The Fun Goes On". Sadly, back in 1973 this single didn't get the air play it deserved but it has been a classic Lt Pigeon track over the years and was a favourite of Jarvis Cocker's.

Whilst on the subject of CD releases, the second Coventry Music Museum CD is now out and this features the recent Stavely Makepeace track, "I want you want love". Copies of this are on sale at the Coventry Music Museum now. On this album is another track recorded in the Kingsway studio called "Take Me Away". This was recorded back in 1971 and it features the late enigmatic Rod Felton, (who wrote the song), being backed by Stavely Makepeace. The boys did several 'demos' for Rod at the time and this is one of them. Because of Rod's legacy Andrew Holdcroft decided that the track just had to be included.

Lastly something not quite so savoury. We are being inundated with enquiries about a track on You Tube called "Hang on Sloopy". (The old Beach Boys track). It purports to be Lieutenant Pigeon but we can categorically state now that it has nothing to do with us at all. These charlatans even interspurse pictures of Rob Nigel Hilda and Steve alongside their own group photos. No one has the right to use our name for recording purposes but try as we might we have been unable to get this bogus group's track removed. The irony is it's a very poor recording anyway. Does anyone know who these interlopers are??

And finally, many thanks for all your kind reactions to the DVD we released recently. All the questions we have received off you pertinent to this DVD will eventually be answered, I promise you that!
Now, roll on summer!
Bill Boswell.
PS Have a look at the latest web site promo on you tube. It's called "Lieutenant Pigeon's Happy Dogs".

Easter 2018
Quite a lot to cram into the newsletter this time so let's start by conveying our warmest congratulations to the City of Coventry for being awarded the City of Culture 2021. This will benefit all the arts in and around the Coventry area. We spoke to Pete Chambers, curator of the Coventry Music Museum, who was delighted with the news. He described it as one of the most monumental events in our city's history which would spread the word on all the amazing music that has come out of our great city..... "From Ghost Town to Host Town!"

Whilst mentioning the museum, I'm informed that they still have a few copies of the boys' book, "When Show Business is No Business" for sale. Incidentally, on one American website they want $144 for a copy! You can still get one on mail order from our 'Makepeace Distribution' centre for six quid, and whilst on that subject, with postal charges constantly going up, we've reluctantly had to add £1 on for postage. We've also just been told that the book can be downloaded as an E Book!

So whilst still on the subject of books, Ruth Cherrington's book, "A Dirty stop out's guide to 1970's Coventry" is now of sale and it features both Lieutenant Pigeon and Stavely Makepeace. On January 26th Ruth held a seminar at the central library in Coventry and spoke about the book's creation. A good sized audience turned up and Ruth revealed some astonishing facts about the mammoth task of putting it all together.

Lastly a bit of news from Rob and Nigel. Two new tracks are in the pipeline for 2018 and once again, through popular demand, will be issued on CD. One is already complete. "I want you want love" is the second recording to feature the boys' new idea of "stab singing". The other track is still in the 'top secret' file!

Keep on Rocking, and a very happy Easter! Bill Boswell.

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